FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: I require at LEAST 5 FULLY edited images within 30 days.
I require ALL raw images the day of the shoot before I leave.
If you do not retouch your own images I can provide editing for an additional fee by my in house design editor Eva Di Martino, of PureBlackLove LLC.
Editing will begin once payment is made in FULL. I will send you the final edits for your portfolio after completion. ( please allow 30 days for editing )
For shoots where the concept is solely my own I have FULL copyrights to ALL the images.
For photographers I’m collaborating with, where we have a JOINT EFFORT COLLABORATION, there will be JOINT COPYRIGHTS. Both the photographer and I will share ownership of the images used. In this case we BOTH reserve the right to distribute and merchandise these images as we see fit... WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ONLINE SHARING OF ANY KIND which I must insist that no images be shared ANYWHERE online WITHOUT a master watermark of either the photographer or my company's mark.

FOR COSTUME/WARDROBE DESIGNERS: I will supply the basic design sketch for the concept I want commissioned.
We will discuss execution and once we have agreed on materials needed, make a deadline, and we have mutually agree on a price for the project, you will be provided with a down payment. This will be HALF of the agreed cost of the project.
Once the project is complete remainder of the payment shall be PAID IN FULL.
Once the editing is complete and the set is released I will send you copies of the FINAL WATERMARKED images for your portfolio.

FOR MODELS: Please provide me with a list of your allergies at the time of booking if any, so I can make any special product purchases in time for the shoot. Once the editing is complete I will send you copies of the FINAL WATERMARKED images.
Please arrive ON TIME and with ZERO makeup or moisturizer. If you need to shower please do so the night before. This is to ensure that the makeup will adhere to the skin properly and is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT for body painting.

FOR TRADE: In exchange for your services I will send you copies of the FINAL WATERMARKED images for your portfolio. Please allow 30 days for editing to be completed.


4 MODEL PACK HALF BODY: $550.00(usd)

- FULL FACE and FULL TOP HALF: $100.00(usd) each.
- $50.00 kit fee
- $100.00 travel fee

4 MODEL PAK FULL BODY: $1,000.00(usd)

- FULL BODY: $200.00 (usd) each.
- $100.00 kit fee
- $100.00 travel fee

There is a $100.00 (usd) kit fee for events with over 5 models. (Pricing is varied and depends on project).

I require payment IN FULL at the time of arrival to event. Payments can also be made anytime prior via paypal at ( NO EXCEPTIONS.

ALL MODELS MUST arrive at their designated call times. Makeup will take AT LEAST 1 hour+ in most cases.

I ask ALL models arrive with ZERO MAKEUP. If anyone has any allergies, ESPECIALLY to latex!!

PLEASE let me know ahead of time ALOT of sfx makeup is latex based and special ordering might take a few weeks.

Please make bookings for events at LEAST 1 month in advance.

Projects may have commissioned pieces, specially designed components or special products that may take up to several weeks to be produced and shipped.

I’d like to be able to discuss with you what it is EXACTLY you’re looking for.
I aim to please and I want everything to be just how you envisioned it.


- JUST FACE: $250.00 (usd)
- FACE/SHOULDERS FRONT: $375.00 (usd)
- FULL FRONT: $600.00 (usd)
- FULL BODY: $700.00 (usd)

I require payment IN FULL at the time of arrival to location. Payments can also be made anytime prior via paypal at ( NO EXCEPTIONS.

For securing a date there is a $150.00 (usd) fee. This is part of the FULL cost and will deducted from the remaining payments that can be paid in FULL at time of booking or at time of arrival.THIS FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE AND NON NEGOTIABLE.

I require a signed release form from ALL members involved in the project. A copy will be emailed to you. Please sign and return via postal or scan. I can even accept a picture taken with a cell phone camera as long as all signatures are visible.

I'll travel ANYWHERE, but I do require paid travel which includes gas, garage fees, tolls, air fare and boarding. This is a separate price from the cost of the shoot or event.

If I am traveling out of state/country I require PAID IN FULL beforehand. This includes cost of shoot or event.

For local bookings I require PAID IN FULL upon arrival. No personal checks please. CASH ONLY or payments may be made via paypal.

In MOST cases I will be recording ALL makeup applications for my youtube CH.

For ALL internet network sharing of the final images I ask that ALL involved be credited and or tagged appropriately. I must insist on all images having a master watermark over the FULL image. Internet theft is a SERIOUS problem, and I will not subject my work any longer to low lives that are ok with pasting their names on the hard work of the REAL artists! PLEASE understand this is for our protection. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.

Select images from the sets will be edited by my "in house" design editor for my promotional banners, my networking web pages, avatars, and printed on various items for my merchandise sales. ALL of my work is copyrighted and trademarked for branding under the name "UNDER BLUE LIGHTS LLC". NONE of the images will be used for ANYTHING but what is agreed upon at time of booking and signing of release forms.

I would like to suggest, but NOT necessary, that everyone i'm collaborating with get "dropbox" its a SUPER easy fast way for file sharing large files.
confidentiality is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO ME. Please keep announcements and discussions of our set details private until the DAY OF THE SHOOT AND YOUR ON SET.

As previously stated I MUST INSIST all internet network sharing and hard copy sharing of ANY KIND of the images MUST have a master watermark over the full image and ONLY to be used as a "CLEAN" hard copy for you personal portfolio.

ALL of my concepts are conceived, carefully and thoughtfully planned and hand drawn by me step by step. I do test runs of the makeup, buy accessories, hire artists to produce nails, wigs, props, wardrobe, image editing etc of my design and by my direction....this will NOT be your typical editorial set. DO NOT come to me if you want a smoky eye or nude looks or makeup for your wedding or your sweet 16. If my pricing seams too high or unacceptable for you please don't try to haggle with me. I am a conceptual artist and makeup just happens to be my medium of choice.