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Wolfe Face art & FX
World renowned highly-pigmented Hydrocolor line of professional water-activated make-up has the best coverage in the industry. We also carry a wide range of face painting products from glitter, to sponges, to Step-By Step books. Our easy-to-use novelty face painting and temporary tattoo products are sure to make even the novice create amazing face paints and memorable occasions. Feel free to look around and let your creativity run wild!
Lime Crime
Lime Crime Makeup: So bright it's illegal! We are a NYC-based cosmetics line consisting of super-pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more. Founded by fashion blogger and style icon Doe Deere.
Lady Solo
The modeling, photography, designs, and strange singing of Lady Solo. singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer, wig reconstructor, photographer, and self proclaimed female drag queen.
Gee Greenslade
Gee can be described as a mad scientist, learning, studying and practicing her craft to create work that can only be defined as “The sort of thing Gee might do”. Her approach to her work and her inspiration come from making “one hell-of-a mess” – most of her personal work, props have been have been hand made, hand painted and recycled from its original purposes into something new. She often spends hours in her little art room painting, creating and sourcing her favorite things just for the purpose of one shot.
Micha Freutel
Micha Freutel uhhmazing photog!!!! FANTASTIC to work with!
Misti Dawn
**WARNING NOT WORK FRIENDLY** 18+ over site ONLY! One of my fav people and fav models to work with. for the love of video games and everything sexy!
Personal chef in the NYC area offering a wide range of services. Anything from a single fancy dinner for one, or a larger event for anywhere up to 100 or more people can be accommidated. I have a wide range of my own personal menu items to pick and choose from, or you can plan with me to arrange your own complete personalized menu. My services are to get all needed food items needed for preperation, complete prepartion AND serving of the meal if desired, and full clean-up as well. All is to be done ON YOUR PREMISES. I come to you! Just about anywhere in the NYC 5 boroughs is no problem.
Kristin Jackson Hair
Professional hair stylist specializing in editorial work, and extensions.
John Vargas
VARGAS is an internationally acclaimed body paint artist and photographer who has astonished audiences around the world with his work. Two scholarships from JC State College, Pratt Institute and over fifteen first places in drawing and painting, put Vargas as one of the most outstanding artist in the United States.